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Aachen Cathedral: Charlemagne's Home

Name: Aachen Cathedral Location: in the center of the city of Aachen, in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen Charles Martel died in his favorite city, Carisiacum  (nowadays, Querzy-Sur-Oise, in the north of Paris), where his son Pepin the Short (year 751 A.D) and his grandchildren Charles (future Charlemagne) and Carloman would be later crowned. Carloman died at a young age, just before his enmity with his younger brother Charles caused a catastrophic situation for the kingdom. The death of Carloman in 771 allowed Charles (742-814) to be crowned as a lone king in 768. A fast and victorious war against the Saxons made Charles take hold of the vast majority of lands of the ancient Roman Empire in Western Europe, except for the British Islands and the Iberic Peninsula. Charles added to his own name the adjective of Magno  (in English 'Magne') and utilized Christianity as a binding agent for his empire. The Saxon nobility admitted his participation in the newborn European po