This Is Why You Should Never Sleep On Your Right Side - Study Shows

Most of us get about 8 hours of sleep every night. This means that we spend a third of our lives sleeping and so the position we keep while resting can have a great impact on both the quality of our rest and health.

Sleep is extremely important for our wellbeing. Therefore, if you sleep badly, not only you will feel exhausted the next day but also your body systems may become unbalanced, causing different health issues.

After a study published in 2017 by the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, we have also learned that it is not about "how much" sleep we have the only thing that matters but also "how" we sleep is crucial.

The study specifically shows that our sleeping position can have a dramatic effect on our health, and sleeping on the right side is not exactly the right position in this case.

So here we bring you 5 different reasons why you should never sleep on the right side of your body:

1. It is bad for the heart. 

Sleeping on your left side makes it easier for the body to distribute blood around the body. This is because arteries are on the left. When we sleep on our right side, blood has to be pumped upwards first. On the contrary, if you sleep on the left side, blood circulation through the arteries performs way better.

2. It slows down digestion. 

When we sleep on our right side, it is easier for stomach acids to get into the esophagus, which ends up causing heartburn. So if you suffer from digestive problems, you must sleep on your left side so that stomach acids do not play tricks on you.

3. It does not help with lymphatic drainage.

Sleeping on our left side is also better for the drainage of our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system carries important nutrients as well as it contributes to the cleansing of the body through the disposal of substances it does not need.

4. It does not adapt properly to our anatomy. 

Both the stomach and the pancreas are on the left side of the body. Therefore, the body has to work harder if we sleep on our right side.

5. It does not help to release the pressure on the spleen. 

The spleen is also located on the left side of the body. The main function of the spleen is to cleanse our blood. Waste products are transported through the lymphatic system to the spleen, which acts as a kind of "treatment plant," helping to reject these wastes more easily. Sleeping on the left side helps the spleen work more efficiently.

If you do not have a health problem that prevents you from resting on the left side, you can change the position in which you sleep to not only improve the quality of your rest but also to help optimize the performance of your body while keeping its natural equilibrium.

Source: Newsner