10 Awesome and Simple Urine Life Hacks You Should Know

In this article, we will put together a list of 10 awesome and simple life hacks to get the most out of urine. Although urine is widely considered a useless and nasty waste, it can also be used to solve many everyday problems:

1. Is your drain clogged and you don't have any drainer? Don't worry. Grab some urine and baking soda. Pour about half a cup of baking soda into the drain and a cup of urine.

When the reaction stops foaming, wash it all out using hot tap water. No more clog!

2. Did a sticker or tape leave some sticky residue behind? Grab your own urine, put it in a spray bottle and saturate the affected area. Let it sit for a few seconds and then you will be able to remove that sticky-glue residue more easily.

3. Does your trash smell like something is dying in there, even though it is empty? Just grab a slice of bread and pour some urine on top of it. Let the bread soak in the urine for a minute and then put it on the bottom of the trash overnight.

When you remove it, your trash will smell wonderful and that awful smell will be completely gone.

4. Are you tired of having to store all kinds of cleaning products? Wouldn't it be better if you use just one cheap all-purpose cleaner? Make your own! It's super easy! Get a spray bottle and fill it with one-third of urine and the rest with water. You can add a few drops of dish soap and... VoilĂ ! A highly-effective cleaner for your bathrooms and kitchen.

5. Do the annoying and dirty fruit flies invade your home? Catch them all! Use some urine, of course, and pour it into a small glass. Cover the top of the glass with some plastic wrap and make a few holes. Your flytrap is ready! The flies will enter the glass but they won't be able to leave!

6. Do you need to get rid of some wrinkles out of your clothes fast? Grab a spray bottle with a solution of one part of urine and three parts of water in it, mist the clothing and let it hang for a few minutes. After drying, you'll soon see that all of those wrinkles are all gone like the wind!

7. Do you have your furniture all scratched by your cat or dog again? No more worries. Sprinkle some urine on top of the furniture and problem solved! Cats and dogs, unlike humans, hate the smell of urine and they will avoid it like the plague.

8. Tired of those lovely and gorgeous flowers dying so quickly? Pour a little urine in your flowers' vase and fill up the rest with water. After that, put the flowers in the mixture, and make them stay alive much longer than before!

9. Having a problem getting your glasses clean? Grab a soft cloth and add a little bit of urine to it. It would help remove all the dirt and stains, leaving your glasses crystal clear and shinning!

10. And finally... our last hack. If your pots or pans have some hard-to-clean stains on them, simply put the pan or pot on the stove, add one part of water and one part of urine and let the mixture boil in the pan for about 5 minutes.

Your cookware will be as good as new!

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Disclaimer: This article has been written to be used as a source of humor and satire, for entertainment purposes only. This means, the information that appears in this article is inaccurate or completely fictionalized and should not be taken seriously.