7 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Day

Everyone knows or should know, that having sex is beneficial to your health, both mentally and physically. There are different explanations for this, and several psychologists, therapists, and scientists have proven that sex is a solution to many problems we face daily. Here are a few reasons why having sex every day is good for you and your partner.

1. Lifts your mood

Especially in the mornings. Starting the day by having sex is possibly the best way to get to work in a positive mood, with your colleagues or friends. This is because doing sex releases a series of neurotransmitters and hormones in your brain that make you feel 'awarded', happy, and relaxed, something that will show in your face.

2. Reduces stress

Having sex reduces stress in many ways. This is related to the previous point since the amount of work can be the cause of irritability and tension. But hugging, touching, and kissing your partner makes you feel better and puts relaxation above anxiety and stress. Several studies have claimed this is because the chemical reactions the body produces that relaxes you and makes you feel better overall.

3. More sex, more health

Although it cannot replace running, cycling or swimming, for example, it does count as an exercise that serves as cardio and also strengthens the immune system. But it also depends on how active you are in practice. Nevertheless, on average people burn about 5 calories per minute while doing sex, you exercise several muscles in your body and your heart rate accelerates, which makes you healthier.

4. Strengthens your relationship

For some it is the basis of the relationship, for others, sex is just something else, but what cannot be denied is that it is one of the most effective ways to consolidate a relationship. Intimacy, besides physical contact, is also the emotional connection that generates attraction, desire, understanding, tenderness, and love. The most important thing for a healthy relationship is to have good communication about sexuality, without taboos, and to be able to say everything you like and don't like.

5. Makes you smarter

A recent research study at Princeton University showed that people who have sex at least three times a week are smarter than the rest. The conclusion was that this was because, during the act, brain activity is enhanced. But what exactly does this suppose to me? When the activity in your brain is stimulated, new connections between neurons and nerve endings are created, as well as it reinforces the already-established connections.

6. Self-discovery

Not only you will get to know your partner better, but you will get to know yourself better as well. The more you practice sex, the more confident you will be and the better you will know about the things you like and don't like.

7. You look radiant

It is better to practice sex in the mornings because the day is starting and I'm sure all those creams you put on when you wake up won't be needed. The discharge of hormones improves the appearance of the skin, avoiding wrinkles and giving the hair a special and sensational glow.