MSNBC "Law Expert" Calls Trump a Murderer and Demands Immediate Prosecution


MSNBC analyst Glenn Kirschner expressed Tuesday his intentions to prosecute President Donald Trump for multiple crimes, including negligent homicide and voluntary/involuntary manslaughter, for his alleged inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Kirschner clearly reflected his opinions and thoughts through a list of public tweets, introducing himself in his first tweet as "an expert on homicide cases" and stating his notion that Donald Trump, since he is doing nothing to stop the pandemic in the country, should be prosecuted for crimes as serious as negligent homicide or voluntary manslaughter.

After this first tweet, Kirschner wrote a second one seconds later in which he bragged about his long experience as Federal Prosecutor in Washington, D.C. and as Chief of the Homicide Section in DC US Attorney's Office, in charge of supervising all the murder investigations in the city.

"I was always on the lookout for novel ways to apply homicide liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being," Kirschner said.

After a long speech about the values he has upheld during his long and dedicated career, Kirschner explained that he is now trying to gather all the evidence at his disposal to determine whether Trump and his administration may have acted in any way that could lead to homicide charges.

From there, he wrote one lie after another, claiming that Trump has already "broken the law several times," accusing him directly of campaign finance crimes, obstruction of justice, bribery, and extortion.

Finally, Kirschner concluded his long string of messages by making it clear that all criminal charges must be investigated very carefully and, if the evidence so indicates, President Trump will have to be prosecuted in January 2021.

But the controversy does not end here. After these publications, a member of the Democratic Party, Mark Judson, who ran as a Democratic candidate for the North Carolina 7th Congressional District -- and lost -- replied to Kirschner on Twitter, providing him with a list that shows a series of figures that correspond to the number of "expected fatalities before Donald Trump" and the number of "fatalities with Trump," concluding that the president is directly responsible for the death of 4,125,000 people.

What were they thinking? All these messages, I repeat, can be accessed by any user and are exposed to the public. From my point of view, this is a despicable and malicious thing to do, this is the most I can say as the administrator of this website.

Source: The Daily Caller


  1. he wants to prosecute murderers? Start with Planned Parenthood.

  2. Let's start with democracts.
    Democracts accused Trump of murdering people on Puerto Rico out of "racism", said Trump didn't send aid so Puerto Ricans would die. Well, and this should be shouted for the world to hear, aid supplies were sent, but DEMOCRACTS withheld it. When crews arrived to restore power, their equipment, that had been sent ahead, had been hidden from them. While people were catching rain water to drink, democracts had the huge supplies of bottled water hidden under tarps. While babies were going hungry, democracts let baby food expire in wearhouses. While people were sleeping on the ground, democracts had cots locked up. While people were starving, rats were eating the stockpiles of food democracts had hidden in wearhouses. Why do you think Luiz Gutierrez and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz have stopped ranting about Trump's neglect of Puerto Rico? Because the wearhouses full of supplies, supplies hidden by democracts, were found. The majority of Puerto Ricans vote democract. The fact that democracts would withhold emergency supplies from their own people should tell you have evil they truly are. They starved their own people for political gain. I believe democracts intentionally withheld supplies to make Puerto Ricans so desperate they'd move to the mainland so they could vote in the 2018 election, and hundreds of thousands did.


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