Reiner: "Trump Will Lose in a Landslide because Americans Will Be Voting for Their Lives"


Left-wing film producer Rob Reiner made headlines once again after he posted a series of tweets on his personal Twitter account on Saturday, in which he claimed, "Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives."

The tweet in question has more than 88,000 likes as of today, having been praised in its entirety by fans of the Hollywood director. One of his fans, in fact, answered Reiner by writing: "Sure hope so Rob, but you have more confidence than I have. The country is in a bad place."

Another user of the famous social network wrote: "I sincerely hope that includes Trump not only losing the election but facing criminal prosecution. That goes for him, his children, Pence, Barr, McConnell, Graham, and anyone else who aided him in breaking laws and norms for over three years.

As we can see, these statements by Reiner on Twitter triggered all sorts of hateful and despicable comments directed not only at the President but also at members of his own family.

"I'm surprised that with all the guns in America that he's lasted as long as he has..." wrote another left-wing user of the platform, suggesting... well, you may already know.

But this is by no means the first time that Reiner attacks President Trump. Earlier this month, Reiner asked, again on Twitter, for Donald Trump's immediate resignation: "Donald Trump is a failed President. For the survival of our citizens, for the survival of our country, he must resign."

Reiner is also credited with tweets insisting that the measures carried out by the Trump administration were "killing people."

On Sunday, Reiner struck again on the social platform, commenting that Trump, or "The Stable Genius" as he calls him, is stoking the protesters' anger, encouraging them to take the streets to protest their governors.

Source: Breitbart