Rosie Is Sure Trump Won't Win: "This Time People Will Get Out and Vote"


Rosie O'Donnell "firmly" believes that President Donald Trump will not be re-elected in the upcoming November presidential election, according to a statement the television producer made during Marc Maron's WTF podcast, where the two spent several minutes talking about the political situation in the country.

"You know what we're finding out in terms of this guy as president... is I don't know if I can believe if people are fundamentally good," Maron said. "Do you?"

"I do, I do believe that. I have to believe it," she replied. "I think November we're gonna be a landslide and take him out, that's what I have to believe."

O'Donnell added that she believes in "the heart of the nation" and that "people will go to the polls this time and vote to get him out of the White House. That's what I hope at least."

The actress has been very critical towards the current President of the United States since long before Trump became president, as most people already know. However, O'Donnell acknowledges that she only met him in person twice.

"One was at his wedding, as Trump was marrying Marla Maples, and she and I had a mutual friend and I accompanied him to the ceremony," O'Donnell explained to Maron. "Trump shook my hand. And the second and last time we met was during the 'Survivor' finale."

Because O'Donnell hosted the Season 4 reunion of "Survivor" in 2002. It was there that she met producer and creator Mark Burnett, who was preparing a new television show, "The Apprentice".

"I was the host of the Survivor finale, and Trump was in talking terms with Mark Burnett to see about doing the Apprentice," O'Donnell continued.

"I blame Mark Burnett for the vast majority of the problems this nation has, coming to terms with who he is in actuality," she stated. "I feel Mark Burnett is directly, personally responsible."

O'Donnell also stated during the conversation that she was a great admirer of Burnett's work.

"He was very kind and a great guy and I really liked him and then he did this Apprentice. And I kept saying to him, 'What the hell are you doing? What are you putting up this guy as Mr. Successful?'" O'Donnell recalled. "Trump didn't even have a boardroom before Mark Burnett and it was all plywood, to begin with."

O'Donnell then began to harshly criticize the president, saying that Burnett "created this image" of President Trump "that is nothing like what he really is, and that it is devoid of all facts about his essence and his character.

"Burnett let that ride out for 10 years, and people still believe it, they think of Trump as that," O'Donnell added.

Although O'Donnell often criticizes the president's policies on social media, she recognized that she has not had any negative experiences with any of his supporters in person.

"I have never walked down the street and been approached by a Trump fan who insulted me," she said. "Sometimes they do it online but I don't pay too much attention to their insults anymore."

Source: Yahoo News


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