A NY Mom with Her Baby is Beaten Up by NYPD Officers for not Fully Wearing Her Mask


The 22-year-old woman, accompanied by her baby, reportedly refused to wear her mask correctly and was subdued after hitting a police officer's hand.

NYPD is once again under fire after the release of a video, which has gone viral, showing a group of police officers allegedly subjecting a 22-year-old mother to excessive force on the subway.  According to the uniformed officer, the woman refused to wear the mask.

The NYPD identified the mother as Kaleemah Rozier, who was traveling with her toddler inside the Atlantic Avenue / Barclays Center station shortly before noon Wednesday. The video posted on social media shows the mother and her son wearing the mask, but not on their faces. Officials then proceeded to enforce the health ordinance and asked the woman to put on the mask.

Rozier can be heard screaming and cursing at the officers on the video as the officers remove her from the station. "Don't touch me," the woman says as she appears off-camera.

When Rozier struck the hand of one of the officers, the officers placed her on the ground and handcuffed her.

"She brought a baby with her, that's too much,” you can hear one of the witnesses say.

The NYPD spokesperson said the officers acted "appropriately and with respect," and that Rozier was arrested only after her behavior justified the action.

Rozier was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the confrontation in a tweet, where he also shared the video that sparked the controversy. "The use of masks is important to protect everyone - they are not optional. But no one wants to see an interaction turned into this. We've made progress with de-escalation. This isn't it. "

What do you think about the officers' response? Do you think they went too far and they could have solved the problem in a different, more subtle way?

Source: NBC New York


  1. Yes this is too much authority!!!

  2. The woman was in the wrong & made it worse!!! The police handled it as well as they could!!!

  3. Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. lawsuits. find a great constitutional lawyer and sue the heck out of NYC

  4. The police handled it well!- did you hear her mouth, see her resistance?!!!

    1. hahahahaha you boot licker , spit the captains schlong out of your mouth and come up for air

  5. I am grateful that someone had the wit to video record this. Her poor little girl had to witness the brutaluzation of her mother. How many cops? Don't they know how to communicate effectively? They're just simple and ignorant. Poor mom and baby girl.

  6. Did we see the FULL video? NO so once again we see the tail end of a video & people are outraged. I was taught to get the full story first. These armatures with cell phone videos are doing more harm than good. Did you all hear her mouth going? Respect is a 2 way street. They asked her to put her mask on properly, she told them what they can do, & then the video starts, I guess you missed the part where she put her hands on the cop?? That's why she was taken to the ground. Not because of a mask. DeBlasio has taken the authority out of the hands of our Police Officers. For him to even retweet this video shows what his motivations are. Bring back law & order, & respect for our Police Officers. After all they are the ones you call first when you need help!!

  7. Wear the FU*** mask for crying out loud. That said she was obscene confrontational
    and ignorant,

  8. I support Blue however they did chase her down and escalated. Not good policing not a good mom sad for the child. Does not NY arrest and then let go any way? what's the sense?


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