Ann Coulter downloads on Trump: "blithering idiot", "a complete moron", "shallow and broken man"


On Sunday, lawyer, essayist, and author Ann Coulter unleashed all her anger on Trump, after the president addressed Alabama GOP voters via Twitter and encouraged them not to vote for Jeff Sessions in the Republican primary where a Senate seat for Alabama is at stake.

Trump wrote on Friday, "Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down." The next day, the president again attacked his former attorney general and trusted man: "You had no courage, & ruined many lives."

As expected, Sessions did not remain silent and responded to Trump, defending himself: "I will never apologize for following the law and serving faithfully and with honor," Sessions responded to Trump, reminding him that his recusal was mandatory by law, adding that "personal feelings do not dictate who you choose as your senator."

These attacks by Trump on Sessions did not sit well with Coulter, who became furious enough to post a series of tweets targeting Trump, calling him all kinds of things, like "a complete moron," "the most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office," "incompassionate human being," "most disloyal human God ever created," or "blithering idiot."

In total, no less than 11 tweets were posted by Coulter in less than an hour - the first tweet was sent on Sunday at 10:42 a.m. and the last one was posted at 11:28 a.m. the same day - reaching hundreds of thousands of users and going viral by the end of the day.

At the end of this post, you have the tweets but, in short, Coulter came to say that Trump was helping the Republican Party lose its majority in the Senate and the White House; also, she claims that Trump has disappointed his voters especially for all the immigration promises he made throughout his campaign in 2016 that he hasn’t made yet; Coulter also said that Trump has failed in his attempt to become "a decent, compassionate human being" during this coronavirus crisis, and she further argues that because of James Comey's firing as FBI Director, Robert Mueller was chosen as special counsel in the Russian investigation.

Source: The Blaze