WATCH: Pelosi Says "Every Crisis including Coronavirus is an Opportunity to Push Leftist Agenda"


On Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated during a press appearance that "any crisis" is a great opportunity to advance a leftist agenda, agreeing with her party colleague and U.S. Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), who declared before the approval of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief in March that the bill was a "tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision".


Clyburn is not referring to the vision of the American people, but clearly to "their vision," the vision of the Democratic Party which since day one has used this crisis to push through all kinds of progressive and socialist measures, many of them contained in the Heroes Act, a package of almost 2,000 pages passed a few weeks ago. This package is supposed to be approved to reduce the harmful effects of the coronavirus in the country, although most of the measures included have nothing to do with the pandemic. 

Among other things, the Heroes Act includes the elimination of limitations on the federal state and local tax deduction (SALT), which will benefit the largest and richest states, most of them Democrats; mandatory early voting for each state and mandatory mail-in ballots for each state, a measure that as we already know promotes electoral fraud. In short, measures that benefit them, the Democrats. 

For more information on the Heroes Act, you can click on this >link<

Here is a transcript of the excerpt where Pelosi talks about the Heroes Act: 

That was our offer to the Republicans, invite them to negotiate. When I read it on some of my local journals that it was "partisan" and "no-where-go", nobody said that when Mitch McConnell put forth his bill "Cares I"; nobody said that when he put forth the next bill, the "Paycheck Protection Program"... It was an offer, and we came, we negotiated, we turned those bills around, and we had bipartisanship. So I would like the same, shall we say "courtesy extended to the House Democrats" who are putting forth our disciplined, focused, necessary legislation to kill off the coronavirus, to open our economy, to send our kids to school, and to again honor our heroes, our state and local workers, our healthcare workers, our first-responders, firefighters, police, emergency services, transportation, sanitation, food services, teachers... the list goes on. Let's honor our heroes, let's end this virus, let's do that. And if they wanna say "no", I have news for them: The American People are on to this, across the country and my colleagues can attest there's a drumbeat that says "They need to do more". So my interest is with the message of the American People sent to the Republicans of the Senate that we cannot take a pause, we have to end the dying, we have to open the economy, we have to do so in a way that there's more opportunity to access to care, to credit, to opportunity in our country, just as Mr. Clyburn said, THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY, EVERY CRISIS IS.

Source: Breitbart 


  1. The Dems are exploiting the covin19. Vote Trump/Pence 2020 and RED across the board to save our Country and keep it FrEE!


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