Don Lemon: "Availability of Guns Is Contributing to Rise in Chicago Shootings"

Joseph A. Wulfsohn,  Fox News · July 21, 2020

CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested Tuesday night that the "availability of guns" is what has contributed to the rise in Chicago crime.

Chicago has witnessed an alarming increase in shootings and homicides in recent weeks, including Tuesday night's shootout at a funeral home that left at least 14 injured, according to police. The Trump administration has also repeatedly clashed with Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has slammed the White House for offering to send the feds to quell the violence.

During the nightly handoff with "Cuomo Prime Time" anchor Chris Cuomo, Lemon expressed gratitude that crime in Chicago is being discussed but warned that political motivations could be behind it.

"Listen, there are spikes in crime and there's real work that needs to be done, right? Needs to be fixed. I lived in Chicago for a while. Every night when I lived in Chicago, there was a crime story, a shooting story. I've been doing stories about crime at this network for so long. I'm glad people are paying attention to it but it's been an issue for a long time. And do you know one of the biggest issues is? The availability of guns. And you won't hear that from some people," said Lemon. 

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