Google Appears to Blacklist Conservative Sites; Calls It 'Technical Issue'

Staff Writer,  The National Pulse · July 21, 2020

The search engine powerhouse, which lamented President Trump’s election in 2016 and published a document entitled “The Good Censor”, was – for some time – not showing results for sites like The National Pulse, Breitbart, Citizen Free Press, the Daily Caller, Red State, The Bongino Report and more.

The search engine reached out to the National Pulse following the publication of this story and insisted that the effects of this “technical issue” were also affecting left-wing websites such as DailyKos and OccupyDemocrats.

When a Google user tried to find for example, the site delivered stories about Breitbart, but not a link to the Breitbart homepage.

Conversely, when searching for the racist New York Times, Google returned a whole suite of options for the user to find the Times homepage, and also browse their sections, and search for keywords.

Google issued an update via its Twitter account which read: “We are aware of an issue with the site: command that may fail to show some or any indexed pages from a website. We are investigating this and any potentially related issues.”

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