MSNBC's Joy Reid Says Trump's 'Secret Police' Are Kidnapping Peaceful Protesters

Curtis Houck,  NewsBusters · July 22, 2020

For night two of MSNBC’s The ReidOut on Tuesday, host Joy Reid increased the levels of hatred, lies, and venom for law enforcement, the federal government, and people who simply disagree with her into the stratosphere. Most notably, she claimed that federal forces were a “dystopian,” “militaristic-looking,” “secret police” who’ve been “kidnapping” “peaceful” protesters in Portland.

Reid predictably spoke with a cartoonishly dismissive tone of violence in major American cities, claiming at the top of her show that such rising crime was a “distraction” and “fictional.”

"And yet, Trump has 'sent his federal police force' anyway, 'kidded out in camo gear as if they’re a suppress' Portland, Oregon 'protesters demonstrating against racial injustice,'" claimed Reid. 

Violence in Portland has ranged for 55 days and amid the property damage has been the police union’s building and a federal courthouse, but Joy wants you to think this wasn’t real.

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