St. Louis Attorney Charges The McCloskeys with Weapons Violations

Daniel Horowitz,  Conservative Review · July 21, 2020

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has let violent rioters go, has dropped charged against gun felons, and sued the city’s police department. Now she is charging Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their lives and property from a mob that broke into a gated community in large numbers. Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah … unless we the people fight back.

This would never have happened had the rioters been protesting the “wrong” cause, but Gardner charged the McCloskeys yesterday for felony misuse of a weapon during the June 28 incident when they were seen pointing their firearms at belligerent protesters who broke into their neighborhood. There’s still no word on any of those individuals being charged with vandalizing and burglarizing private property after they broke through the gate of a private neighborhood.

Both Governor Mike Parson and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt said they believe the couple had the right to self-defense and plan to help shield them from any punishment. But what would a couple do in a state where the governor and attorney general are on board with this form of discrimination, where the cause of one side is elevated to the point that they can threaten, loot, maim, and burn with impunity, while people have no right to self-defense?

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