NYT report says MOST coronavirus positives are for non-contagious, insignificant amounts of virus

CONSERVATIVE REVIEW: A few weeks ago, I mentioned a 2007 New York Times article showing that PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab tests are so sensitive that they have been known to perpetuate pseudo-epidemics. Well, now the New York Times, in a bombshell weekend report, reveals that most of these tests for COVID-19 are so sensitive that they might be creating thousands upon thousands of false positives or flagging people with tiny quantities of virus who are not contagious.

We have shut down our economy and our lives for months based on hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic people testing positive for a virus that was presumed to be contagious at the time of the positive test result. We make people isolate for 14 days, then trace all their contacts and disrupt their lives and liberty as well, without any due process. Yet according to the Times, up to 90% of those who test positive in state labs are likely no longer contagious by the time they test positive and in fact would test negative under more prudent lab protocols.

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