WATCH: GA Subtracted 42,173 Votes From Trump And Adjudicated More Than 106,000 Ballots

This presentation was done by a team of data scientists and programmers with experience working for the US Navy, the CIA, the National Counter-Terrorism Center, and Big 4 Accounting Firms. Receiving over 90% in a precinct is a marker for fraud.

In Fulton County alone we can see that more than 150 precincts voted 90% or more for Biden. In the statewide race that was decided by less than 13,000 votes these 150 Fulton precincts alone accounted for 152,000 Biden votes. This is a clear indicator of suspicious or outright fraudulent activity.

"We've scanned 113,130. We've adjudicated 106,000. The only ballots that are adjudicated are if we have a ballot with a contest on it in which there's some question as to how the computer reads it. So the vote review panel then determines voter intent." -Richard Barron, Fulton County, Election Director.

ADJUDICATION: the process of reviewing a ballot that may have been flagged during the ballot scanning process. This is an override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots, not over a hundred thousand in one county...

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