JUST IN: MI Rep. Daire Rendon: "I Am In Receipt Of Evidence Reflecting Systemic Election Fraud in MI"

Unlike most of her fellow Republican and Democrat lawmakers in the Michigan legislature, Rendon has chosen not to cherry-pick evidence of voter fraud in Michigan but instead, to look at all of the evidence presented to the lawmakers in an objective and open-minded manner. Rendon also refuses to ignore the will of Michigan citizens she represents, who are calling for a full and conclusive investigation into the November 2020 election.

Yesterday, in a phone conversation, Rep. Rendon told 100 Percent Fed Up that she’s very disappointed in the MI Senate Oversight Committee’s report on the November 2020 election in Michigan.

Last week, the MI Senate Oversight Committee Chair Ed McBroom and MI Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey released a report stating that they could find no evidence of “widespread or systemic fraud” in Michigan’s November election.

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